• Jeremy Klinebriel

    Flies great. It’s so much fun. Highly satisfied

  • Serkan

    I put 3 AAA batteries to remote controller and turn on the drone by pressing button on top. Then it’s ready for flight. It’s that simple. Necessary manuals, usb charger, spare battery and propellers are coming in the box. Flying this drone and making tricks like flips requires some practice but it’s easy after couple of minutes. Blades are well protected and drone is quite robust against breakages. It’s a very good gift for kids and also good for beginner drone pilots before flying with expensive ones.

  • Ronald T Brown

    This one is a great little flyer, it's perfect for a child or a beginner. With inducted prop design it's safe for indoor flying, just bounces off walls. And it protects children from cutting their fingers on the spinning props. It flies great indoors, but with three speed rates you can even fly it in the backyard, as long as it's not too windy. It has many advanced features such as altitude hold, 360 rotate, headless mode, 360 flip, one key take-off/landing. And it has feature that's new to me, 360 rotate. And I got almost a five minute flight time outdoors. For the low cost of this drone there is a lot value in this protect. Plus it's a lot of fun to fly.

  • Van Dan

    The thing that impressed me the most about this drone was the flight time. The advertised flight time is up to 10-11 minutes which usually means if you fly aggressively in high speed rates you can expect 1/2 the flight time, however I was able to get over 12 minutes flying in highest speed rate which generally is unheard of with drones that use 1s batteries I tested all functions including return to home, headless mode, flips... and everything worked with no issues. I also spent some time using the camera. The photos were decent and the video is what you expect from drones in this price range. I did like that you can zoom in with the cameras 50X zoom and the WIFI connection did seem to be stable within a reasonable distance. I am very impressed with this drone and found it was very easy to get airborne and fly. When folded up its a nice size to put in a bag and transport without taking up too much room. I have now passed it on to my kids who have been using almost daily which the NH525 is holding up to their abuse.

  • ArtySmarty

    This little drone comes nicely presented and would make a nice gift. To get started you need to charge the battery provided for the drone. They actually provide two but play time is only 6-7 minutes per battery. You also need to fit x3 AAA batteries (not supplied) in the remote control. I had no problems pairing the drone and controller. If you press the left stick forward once the drone starts up but remains on the ground, press that stick forward once more and up it goes. It is the easiest flying toy I’ve used, I usually crash until I get a feel for it but this one you can literally start flying it straight away. This makes it brilliant for kids or amateurs. It is very small so I wouldn’t use it outdoors but it’s so controllable you’ll have no problems indoors with this. At 29.99 (July ‘21) and currently with a 10% off voucher bringing it to ?26.99 I find this a great buy, mainly because it is so easy to use and delivers a usable flying toy for all ages. I would definitely purchase again.

  • Christopher Stokes

    I have wanted a drone for a very long time, especially one of those big ones with a camera on it. However, to introduce me to the world of drones, I thought id be better off starting small, and learn the ropes without damaging my home or anyone in it. This little gadget comes neatly packaged, and included two batteries for the drone, and a cable to charge them. The drone is tiny and fits in the palm of your hand, and the remote is around the same size. The instruction booklet is easy to follow and you can get set up and ready to fly in minutes. Before I could fly it though, I was a little disappointed to find that the remote control requires 3 aaa batteries, and I didn't have any. I did think one of the rechargeable batteries was for the remote, but obviously I was mistaken. so, I had to wait a couple of days until I could get some batteries, and then I was able to test it. The remote turns on and a red light indicates that it's ready to go. Pairing with the drone is easy. you simply press a couple of buttons, wait for the lights to stop flashing and away you go. For the money, this is a well made and quite nifty little thing. The drone is light, but it looks great, and it has led lights around the edges which not only add to the aesthetic but also inform of you which way is forward. the controls are basic, and not overly complicated, and there are buttons for up and down and one for turning. you can also alter the speed, or use headless mode which lets you rotate it 360 degrees. another great feature of this drone is the ability to do flip tricks. at the touch of a button is flips itself over, and its really easy and effective. people watching me fly it think I'm a professional. for my first drone, im over the moon with it. its small, light and easy to manoeuvre. the controls are simple, and the included batteries charge quickly and give you a small run time to enjoy between charges. The only negative I have is the remote batteries. I would have liked some aaa batteries included so that I could test it straight out of the box. overall though, for the price, this is superb, and id recommend it to anyone of any age looking to fly their first drone. its brilliant. 5*

  • liancheng1987

    It is my first time owning a drone. It came with detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to play. It took a while for me to get used to it, but it wasn't long before I was zipping around with this thing. It's a small but applicable drone. The drone looks in great condition just like a professional one. This is def a nice mini drone for beginners and experienced operators! The drone has a lot of cool settings, like automatic take-off and land buttons, headless mode, speed switching on the flight and etc. Overall it has been a lot of fun - what made me happy was that it came with extra battery and extra blades. I LOVE this drone and would recommend it to anyone who is a beginner and wants to learn how to fly drones!

  • Abby

    Brought this drone for my 5 year son as a gift. Fun to play, and he loves it so far. It’s easy to control and have multiple ways to control the drone (via mobile app or via hand controller), but not recommend to fly it if there is a strong wind as it will be hard to control the direction. And it came with an extra battery, with two batteries my son can play longer with it. It definitely worth the price and serves the purpose.

  • Hadi

    This mini drone is better than expected. Obviously the size is small but it flies high and I really like the more secure design of the enclosed blades. My daughter had a mini drone before with open blades that ended up getting tangled in things the snapping off after only a few uses. This one is more durable I feel because of the shape. The drone itself is a bit tricky to operate smoothly but I think for the price it is great fun. I hope you find this review helpful.